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Working with you as entrepreneurs, visionaries, community leaders and pioneers to find your holographic whole vision is my real joy in life. To see your vision flower in front of my eyes, crafting your personal branding, I consider myself a proud midwife of the creative process.

When I open the akashic records, the vision that pours in is in order of relevance. what is most important now. What do you need to now to be the master of your destiny. How can best serve your purpose in this time and space. The Akasha draws from all your experiences throughout all your lifetimes, past, present, and future. In the quantum stream it is all HAPPENING NOW!


I have seen a hundred years forward and backward, I can assure you: this is a powerful realm to enter. You discover your deepest purpose in life and work by accessing a gentle, but powerful energy within yourself. It is all within You, you don’t have to go to any guru or teacher. The Akasha is eager to show us our multi-dimensional, multi-sensory perception of ourselves, our gifts, and how we can apply them in our daily life, in our relationships with family and colleagues, and how to move on this earth with strong strides knowing WHO YOU ARE!


I have had severe autoimmune illnesses throughout my life, and I was on the lookout for alternative treatments as the allopathic medicine did more harm than healing. When I discovered homoeopathy I was intrigued by its scientific complexity, its diagnosis of the whole constitution. It addresses illness of all levels: physical, emotional, soul level, spiritual and familial. 
Since the late nineteenth renowned homoeopaths like Alize Timmermann from Holland, or Divya Chhabra in India or Massimo Mangialavori in Italy have brought diverse perspectives to the table that I incorporate into my practice. I work with the inner sensations, family structures and constellations. We research and experience homoeopathy like the founder Hahnemann through the trituration process of remedies to experience homoeopathy through deeper understanding. And through it, we arrive at unprecedented healing. 
The first consultation will take at least 2 hours, and can be done in person or via video call.


Connecting to the Ancient Egyptian shamanism, to this hidden treasure of my own culture, I have, and other shamanic resources throughout my world travel,  I have been designing and creating shamanic rituals for healing, marrying, and tapping into your own shamanic resources as a healer and therapist.


These uniquely designed tools and rituals will help you as a therapist with burnout and will help anyone seeking to heal from psychological, mental or physical ailments. Anyone seeking to delve deeper into their healing process. Working creatively with their healing process. Crystals, totems, mother earth, and positive mindsets are the co-creators in this process as well.  


This kind of work is tailored to your needs as a client and has to be created collaboratively to arrive at the best results possible.


Your story is the heart of your brand as a person or as a corporate. For me, the branding process lies in the heart of each new venture. It is a process of sculpturing, crafting your utmost unique vision and mission in this world through storytelling.  


Through working with prestigious clients over the last ten years I have developed a three-fold method to manifest your brand. By tapping into the realm of Akasha this process is even more compelling. Plant your vision in this world.   Through delving deep into Visionary Akasha to reveal your soul purpose we strengthen your mission: WHY you are doing what you are doing: your legacy here on mother earth.  


Step by step I guide you through the process that starts with research and analysis and goes through a creative process to arrive at your very unique brand strategy.

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