shamanic healer





While creating, Egyptian Jeanne d'Arc, my lastest film. I have been imprinted with the frequency of joy and pushed into my full power, my fullest potential as a high priestess.


Just a few weeks before the great global retreat movement, which solidified my foresight of how I am to serve this world at This time.   Thus I was initiated as a shaman of the Egyptian tradition, circumventing earth, spreading stories with a peaceful heart as a filmmaker and cultural diplomat.  


My films have travelled with and beyond me transforming many. At the Women Economic Forum in India I was awarded "Iconic Woman, Creating A Better World For All".  This inspired a high frequency of Joy that moved me from filmmaker-producer to cultural diplomat, Shaman to high priestess serving the world community.

I am a storyteller. Since childhood I have had the ability to hypnotize the neighbourhood children for hours with my stories.


As a child I knew no better than to tell the truth. As a clairvoyant child, I once revealed too much and had The Sight shaken out of me like lottery numbers in a cage. Let the record speak: I told my crestfallen auntie she would never have a baby in this lifetime, nor has she. 


I grew until I adopted a child of my own who I have raised to be invincible. We live with my beloved on a 9-meter sailing boat rightfully called Nefertiti. 


“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion” 


- Rumi

I gift all of the treasures I have learned nomading this world, speaking in front of thousands about a new vision of the world system.

advocating for the artist as an agent of change breaking through borders and barriers, by being a cultural diplomat, a shamanic healer, a lover, and a joyous human being that wants to connect to every sentient being on this earth and beyond --