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Iman Kamel advocates the Artist as Agent of Change
Iman Kamel presents her film Jeanne D'arc Masriya at 15. Afrika Film Filmforum Museum Ludwig






Snapshot of Iman Kamel in a green field


Iman Kamel 2010 Dubai International Film

film producer

Iman Kamel in shamanic posture in Nature.


Photo of Iman Kamel inside the historic Dendera temple.


Egyptian Jeanne D'Arc Film Vies for the best Film Award at the Eurasia International Film Festival


Where Whispers of the Ever-Present and Dreams of the Future Align

The scent of jasmine, a call to prayer, a plate of savory koshari… my story begins in a Cairo cafe, but it's fueled by something deeper. As the founder of The Holographic Being, I ignite the kaleidoscope of brilliance within visionary leaders and changemakers. We are each a tapestry of talents, dreams, and past struggles; my work is to help you access your soul's roadmap and unleash its full, dazzling potential.


My journey has been anything but linear. My camera became a tool to capture the world's pulse, but my soul sought deeper truths. From documentary filmmaking to international diplomacy, I've embraced diverse paths... But a mystical encounter within a sacred Egyptian temple ignited my true calling.

The Neteru, potent deities bridging past, present, and future, initiated me into the Akashic Records. This celestial meeting opened my path as a channel, translator, and guide, bringing their timeless wisdom to myself and others. Imagine a thousand whispered histories shaping my journey – and yours.

Empowering the Holographic Visionary Within

Through the profound insights of the Akashic Records and my shamanic connection, I help you unlock untapped potential, ignite grand creative visions, and birth deep healing and transformation. Every artist, healer, entrepreneur, and visionary leader carries a unique spark. My passion lies in helping you illuminate those hidden facets, embracing your multifaceted brilliance. This journey culminated in my recognition by the World Economic Forum as an "Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All."

Experience the Transformational Journey


Despite my success as an award-winning filmmaker and my work in international relations, I felt a deeper calling. Like puzzle pieces, my skills in healing, storytelling, deep listening, and my shamanic connection to the Neteru were waiting to be assembled. It was my initiation into the Akashic Records that brought it all together.


This led to my creation of the Holographic Being signature program, a testament to the power of embracing your multi-faceted self.​My 1:1 Alchemist Leadership Journey is a deep-dive mentoring experience designed for those ready to ignite their true potential and step into their power as leaders. Through a blend of Akashic Records readings, strategic guidance, and intuitive channeling, we'll unlock your Holographic Visionary self and craft a blueprint for extraordinary impact. 

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion” 


- Rumi


From the Personal to the Global


I believe true transformation ripples outwards. My vision is one of collaboration – artists, healers, and leaders working in harmony to birth projects that heal both individuals and our ailing planet. This fuels my determination to empower others. This passion for fusion – of flavors, of cultures – is woven into my work as I guide you to embrace ALL aspects of yourself.

Mythical FAQ: Unlocking Your Potential


You channel ancient wisdom... are you like a fortune teller?

Imagine the Akashic Records as a vast network of experiences and knowledge that shape who you are. My role is to help you access these lifelines, unveiling latent talents honed over time. Together, we unearth dormant passions and ignite those grand creative visions – all guided by an exclusively unique roadmap to YOU.


So... a new-age psychic?

I appreciate the curiosity! While intuition is vital to my work, I see myself as a translator of your highest potential. Fueled by insight and intuition, I am a strategist and cheerleader for those with audacious dreams.

Okay, but does it bring tangible change?  


My clients, those hungry for deep transformation, are the testament. Their breakthroughs, along with my recognition by the WEF as an 'Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All', prove the power of this work.


This "Holographic Visionary" thing... what exactly does that mean?


It means accessing the fullness of your dazzling potential and embracing all your multifaceted brilliance. We craft a strategy that brings together your unique gifts, talents, and experiences, resulting in profound transformation and the ability to create lasting impact.


Is your Alchemist Leadership Journey right for me?


This program is designed for those ready to step into their full potential as leaders, entrepreneurs, or changemakers. If you feel a deep calling and are ready for a transformative deep dive, this journey could be a powerful catalyst.


What's the difference between your group program and the 1:1 Alchemist Leadership Journey?


My group program provides a strong foundation in the Holographic Visionary principles. The 1:1 Journey takes this to the next level, with personalized guidance, deeper exploration of your unique path, and advanced strategic support.

A Pinch of Playfulness...


  • I'm a crystal enthusiast with a growing collection under my pillow.

  • Exploring the world, one recipe at a time, is my happy place.

  • My passion for cooking, like a world cook fusing flavors and cultures, reflects my love for bringing together diverse elements.

  • When I'm not channeling wisdom or strategizing, you can find me lost in a world of stories or improvising a dance.

  • My husband and I sail an old-timer boat named Nefertiti – the North Sea is our playground.

  • At heart, I'm a nomad, always ready for the next adventure.

  • I love to play with children, embracing the joyful spirit of the inner child.

Ready to embark on Your journey? 

Connect with Iman Kamel today and discover the potential that lies within you.

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