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holographic being
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6. - 28. june 2024


Are you ready to unleash your Life Force and discover your purpose?

Benefits of signing up:

Holographic Being Accelerator
  • Unleash your Life Force and vision


  • Discover your hidden skills, experiences, and talents


  • Overcome fears, anxiety, and a lack of direction


  • Connect with a small group of like-minded individuals on a journey to make positive changes in their lives

Are you feeling lost, anxious, or stuck? Do you struggle with overcoming fears and finding direction in your life?


Join the Holographic Being Accelerator, a three-week online program that brings together a global community of multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional professionals. Whether you're an artist, entrepreneur, healer, or scientist, this program is designed to help you break through barriers and bring your vision to life.


The Holographic Being Accelerator is unlike anything you've experienced before.

Combining the power of Homeopathy, Ancient Egyptian Shamanism, Storytelling, Bodywork, and Visionary Akasha, this program provides a holistic approach to healing and transformation.

What is a Holographic Being?

We are all interconnected and multidimensional beings, existing on multiple levels of reality simultaneously.


The universe is holographic in nature, meaning that every part of it contains the whole.


In the context of the Holographic Being Accelerator, this means that we are invited to explore and embrace all aspects of ourselves, including those that exist beyond our physical bodies and the limited beliefs we hold about ourselves.


But here's the catch: this is not a program for everyone. With a limit of only 12-14 participants in the live mandala sessions, the Holographic Being Accelerator is an elite program for those who are ready to take their next leap and make meaningful changes in their lives.

What you'll receive during the 3-week program:

  • An Akashic reading to uncover your purpose


  • One-on-one intensive coaching sessions


  • Weekly group live mandala featuring Shamanic journeying, guided meditations, group healing sessions, sharing and exchange of skills and talents


  • Video and audio teachings to guide individuals and the group on burning old patterns, discovering sacred purpose, and manifesting vision


  • A live chat channel for group weaving and exchange of thoughts, feelings, concerns, experiences, ideas, poems, etc.


  • A germinating space for sharing from the heart and activating subconscious talents and powers to unfold your new self.

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Transform Your Being 

Over the past 3 weeks,I have been doing a program called the Holographic Being Accelerator led by artist and mystic Ima Kamel. It has been a collaborative, creative, and spiritual journey, and I… TRANSFORMED!!! 


I came into the program with a lot of conflicts around how to unify all my different aspects, talents, and gifts. I struggled with defining myself...I just didn't fit in any one category. But then Ima and the community gave me permission to just be. To allow the full presence of my soul to the world. For me, this was the transition from trying to understand the universe to making love with the universe. I feel a new power alive in me.

Iman Kamel is an unorthodox, incredibly sensitive, and courageous leader and artist who is ushering in a new potentiality of living as a human being. Iman's work helps one pull together all the aspects and fragments of who they are into one, potent, and radically authentic force of nature. In working with Iman, I have flourished, not only as a leader but as a lover, healer, and a balanced and sovereign human being. There are very few people on the planet that can articulate and hold the innocence and wisdom that Iman is blessed to carry. She is absolutely the real deal."

— Nathan hirschaut, filmmaker, yogi, dancer, choreographer

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