holographic being accelerator

Very much like inside a CERN (Switzerland), the upcoming Holographic Being Accelerator will invite a small multi-disciplinary group of hearts and minds to enter an in-depth process leaping into your new level of Life Force and your unique vision in this world. 


So like inserting photons, protons, and neutrons inside the incubator, we will be working with your fears, your anxiety, your lack of purpose, your lack of direction, the immensity that you sense but cannot still touch. You feel your power is losing amid media horror playouts. Conspiracy theories are dragging you away from your own power center.


During 3 weeks of the intensive virtual group and one-to-one sessions, where I will be working with Classical Homeopathy, Ancient Egyptian Shamanic Practices, Storytelling & Envisioning, Bodywork & Meditations, and of course your Visionary Akasha to ignite your Life Force and activate your Unique Vision in this world.


This life force is yours, it flows, it radiates, then you magnetize the serendipities in your life; then you can use it in your healing process, in launching a new business, or manifesting a long-held artistic vision of yours. 


I invite you If you are an activist, a political or cultural agent, a social worker, an artist, a healer or yoga teacher. In The Holographic Being Accelerator, we share with each other, we share from our diverse skills and talents, to ignite your story and your power, so that is the vision of the Holographic Being CERN, if you are interested, just send me a message, I am happy to schedule a call to listen to your unique aspiration.  

12. April - 1. May 2021


Are you ready for your Next Leap?

Find your own Life Force and discover your unique vision

Holographic Being Accelerator

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