holographic being accelerator

25. Nov - 16. Dec 2022


Are you ready for your Next Leap?


Holographic Being Accelerator

Find your own Life Force and discover your unique vision

  • Your Akasha session where we open your records to get your unique vision. 

  • One on one intensive healing, branding & storytelling sessions

  • Weekly group live mandala that delves deep into shamanic journeying, guided meditations, group healing sessions & sharing. The multidisciplinary function of the group allows for vibrant sharings and exchanges on all levels. It is a safe space to ponder your akashic vision, and your blockages. 

  • Video & Audio teachings by Iman Kamel and participants are designed to guide the individuals in the live mandala as well as the group through an effective process of burning the old, discovering and stepping into your sacred purpose, and finally to manifest your unique vision in a creative artistic process, launching a new business or healing a chronic dis-ease you have been dealing with. The accelerator activates and operates on many levels. 

  • There will be a live chat channel where the group will weave together thoughts, feelings, concerns, serendipities, experiences, poems, new ideas, etc. This is a direct germinating space for all to share from their heart. In this way the live mandala of people is moving its wheels to activate subconscious talents and powers. It is a very potent space. 

Similar to being a member of CERN (Switzerland), the upcoming Holographic Being Accelerator will invite a small multi-disciplinary group of hearts and minds to enter an in-depth process to leap into your new level of Life Force and your unique vision in this world. 


Like inserting photons, protons, and neutrons inside the incubator (Large Hadron Collider or LHC), we will be working with your fears, your anxiety, your lack of purpose, your lack of direction, the immensity that you sense but have not yet been able to touch. You feel your power is fading amid media horror playouts. Conspiratorial theories are dragging you away from your own power centre. 


During 3 weeks of the intensive virtual group and one-to-one sessions, we will be working with Classical Homeopathy, Ancient Egyptian Shamanic Practices, Storytelling & Envisioning, Bodywork & Meditations, and of course your Visionary Akasha. This will ignite your Life Force and activate your Unique Vision in this world.


This Life Force is yours, it flows, it radiates, then you magnetize the serendipities in your life. You will be able to use it in your healing process, in launching a new business, or manifesting a long-held artistic vision or any positive shifts that you would like to have happen in your life. 


I invite all activists, political or cultural agents, social workers, artists, healers or yoga teachers. In The Holographic Being Accelerator, we share with each other, we share from our diverse skills and talents to ignite your story and your power. This is the vision of the Holographic Being Accelerator. If you are interested, just send me a message, I am happy to schedule a call to listen to your unique aspirations.

What participants say about their experience

“Ima helped me in profound ways, as I faced blocks on my way toward fulfilling my dreams. With her guidance, she showed me how to access a deep inner knowing that I possess, that each of us possess, to dance and gain strength and wisdom there. To magnetize from there, to dare to dream even more boldly than before. To let go and to trust. To step into my highest self, my best work, and my presence. 


In the magic of the accelerator this was all magnified as we worked with each other, supported one another, saw and felt one another. Community is such a deep medicine and part of our lives that so many of us craves. The accelerator created an intimate community with an inherent understanding of each of us sharing something… it was very moving, supportive, and powerful.


Also, I am deaf, and the entire group stepped in to support my experience and access, and made sure that I did not feel I was a burden, which is an absolute gift and revelation. I was supported, and I believe everyone gained something from the experience, of always being aware of each of our needs, including everyone.”

— Hillary Baack, Filmmaker and Actress