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Logo featuring the Egyptian goddess Seshat within a golden orb, symbolizing wisdom, record-keeping, and divine inspiration.
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Become the Thoth of Your Story: A 3-Day Mini-Masterclass to Unleash Your Storytelling Power

Discover the transformative power of storytelling with our 3-day mini-masterclass. Guided by the ancient wisdom of Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing and knowledge, you'll craft a compelling narrative that elevates your life and business. You'll tap into your creativity, unlock your potential, and manifest your vision through immersive video teachings, interactive exercises, and guided meditations.

Master the Art of Storytelling

Uncover the ancient Egyptian secrets of captivating storytelling. Learn to weave narratives that resonate with your audience, evoke emotion, and leave a lasting impact. Explore the timeless principles of story structure, character development, and conflict resolution to craft compelling stories that inspire and transform. By mastering the art of storytelling, you'll unlock a powerful tool for personal and professional growth.

Engage and Inspire

Discover the art of authentic communication and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Learn to use storytelling to build trust, establish rapport, and inspire action. Whether you're speaking to a crowd, writing a blog post, or simply sharing your experiences with friends and family, the power of storytelling will elevate your communication and leave a lasting iimpression.

Manifest Your Vision

Tap into the creative energy of the universe and manifest your dreams through the power of storytelling. By aligning your personal values with your goals and crafting a compelling vision narrative, you'll gain clarity, focus, and the motivation to achieve your aspirations. Learn to use storytelling as a tool for self-discovery, healing, and personal growth, as you create a life that is aligned with your deepest purpose.

Awaken Your Inner Thoth: 
Master the Art of Storytelling and Transform Your Life.
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Iman Kamel Intro

Iman Kamel Intro

Watch Now

The alchemy


Success. Applause. Yet, a nagging emptiness. The vision of a bolder YOU, a leader who shapes realities, flickers on the horizon.

Are you ready to ditch the status quo and rewrite your story?

We guide visionary leaders like you on a transformative journey. Imagine unlocking your limitless potential, igniting a legacy that ripples through the world.

It's a quantum leap.


Through our deep strategic work, you'll shed the doubts and limitations holding you back and embrace the visionary leader within.

This is your time to become a force for positive disruption.


Iman Kamel stands before the seven false doors of the Osiris Temple in Karnak, Egypt, symbolizing a journey of transformation and connection to ancient wisdom.
From the sands of ancient Egypt,
a pearl of wisdom awakens


Having guided hundreds of entrepreneurs and CEOs, Ima isn't your typical CEO Mentor. She is an award-winning filmmaker, a cultural diplomat, and a cosmopolitan. Storytelling is her core; it threads through every aspect of her work, more than just a skill; it's a way of being and transmitting energy. She creates unforgettable experiences that open safe spaces, both physically and energetically. The Egyptian Neteru are her inspiration and profound presence guiding her work and clients' journeys. Her passion is healing through creative expression: Writing, Akashic Records, and pushing through thresholds... Each of her talents is woven into a tapestry that facilitates quantum leaps for herself and others.

where playful gods and potent magic reside

Holographic Opportunities for Playful Entrepreneurship

Channeling the power of the neteru
I guide you to unlock your limitless potential

Golden hieroglyph of Ra, the ancient Egyptian sun god, symbolizing power, creativity, and the life-giving force.
Embody Your
Holographic Power


As a Holographic Being, you are a dynamic tapestry woven with experiences, expertise, talents, and dreams – even those moments perceived as failures hold valuable lessons. The Akashic Records hold the blueprint of your soul's journey throughout lifetimes. At the same time, the wisdom of the Egyptian Neteru archetypes empowers you to channel these facets into a unified, unstoppable force.

The Heart-Centered Leader's Journey Unfolds

As you embody your Holographic Being, a radiant clarity ignites within you. This inner light illuminates unseen paths, empowers intuitive leaps, and inspires bold, creative action. Every step taken with purpose becomes a catalyst for growth, attracting the resources, connections, and transformational opportunities you need to thrive.


Golden hieroglyph of Seshat, Egyptian goddess of wisdom, writing, and measurement, set against a vibrant violet background.
Golden Isis knot, an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, healing, and divine feminine power, set against a vibrant violet background.
The Power of Play: Ignite Innovative Solutions & Spark Limitless Creativity

When faced with a challenge, a playful spirit becomes your secret weapon. Embrace the unexpected, approaching problems like a curious child puzzling over a new toy. This playful exploration unlocks hidden pathways, revealing the spark of groundbreaking solutions. Play becomes your catalyst, transforming obstacles into the fuel that powers your most innovative leaps. 



Entrepreneurial Empowerment
Build a Purpose-Driven Business with a Legacy of Impact

Your values become the compass guiding your entrepreneurial journey, leading to a business that illuminates the world. Harness the wisdom gained from past experiences and step boldly into your purpose, leaving footprints that inspire future generations.

Golden Ankh, the ancient Egyptian symbol of life, entwined with a lotus flower, representing rebirth, purity, and spiritual awakening, set against a clean white background.
Ripple Effect: 
Spark a Global Movement

Experience a profound impact that ripples outwards, fuelling success and deep personal fulfillment. As you embody your Holographic Being, your journey ignites a spark within others, inspiring positive change that extends far beyond yourself. 

Empower the Change You Want to See in the World.

Start Your Transformation Today!

Your brilliance unleashed,
Playful strategies ignite,
Visionary power fuels your rise.

Akashic Records whisper secrets
Visions take Flight

A mystical image of  Iman Kamel shrouded in ethereal light and symbolism.

Imagine an energetic imprint of all thoughts, emotions, and experiences throughout time. Egyptian Goddess Seshat, the wisdom keeper, guides your access to this profound source of insight and healing. Channeled through Ima, this Akashic vision helps you illuminate your soul's true potential, gain clarity on your purpose, uncover hidden blocks, and chart a roadmap for your most fulfilling life and work.

A mystical image of Iman Kamel shrouded in ethereal light and symbolism.

Step into the Holographic Playground

Embrace your inner goddess/god

Embody your leadership potential, manifest a business in alignment with your soul, and step into your power to create a meaningful impact. This transformative mentorship propels you forward, combining strategic business guidance, unwavering mindset support, and a unique blend of multi-disciplinary strategies and practices – including the wisdom of Egyptian Archetypes and deep energetic clearing – for transformative breakthroughs.

We'll delve into your vision through personalized coaching, harnessing potent tools and techniques tailored to your unique needs. Discover the strategies that ignite your leadership journey and transform your aspirations into tangible achievements.

This Mentorship Includes:

  • Strategic guidance for business growth

  • Unwavering mindset support

  • Deep, energetic clearing for transformative breakthroughs

  • A personalized blend of multi-disciplinary strategies and practices

Are you prepared to unleash the leader within and forge the life and business you truly desire? Take the first step towards your transformation today.


From Conflict to Creative Power

"I came into the program with a lot of conflicts... I just didn't fit in... But then Ima and the community gave me permission to just be...This unleashed unbridled creativity... a leap in my career...transition from trying to understand the universe to making love with the universe."

—  Nathan Hirschaut

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