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Embark on a high-frequency journey

with the Visionary Akasha as your guide.

Iman Kamel, a skilled craftswoman, artist, shaman, and high priestess, will lead you to uncover the essence of your being.


Immerse yourself in her visionary storytelling and be transported to the depths of your soul through an esoteric song and trance.


Join us as we unveil the mysteries of the Visionary Akasha.


The Visionary Akasha Unveiled:
A High-Frequency oracle


Image by Jeremy Thomas


"Iman has an other-worldly intelligence that offers a deep dimensionality to her readings. I felt as if I were being cradled and cared for by a motherly force that could, in vivid detail, see into my past, present and future all at once."

—  Melissa Blyth

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