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Deep-Seeker CEO & Entrepreneur

Imagine a life where passion fuels purpose, your work embodies your multifaceted brilliance, and you leave a legacy of profound impact and deep fulfillment.

You possess extraordinary potency as a visionary, a creative force, and an intuitive guide.


Are you ready to illuminate all facets of yourself, weave them into a cohesive vision, and step into leadership that aligns with your soul's deepest calling?


From Cosmopolitan Storyteller
to Akashic Guide
A Journey
of Transformation

with H.O.P.E.


Ima is a storyteller, award-winning filmmaker, and healer with a global background. Her relentless search for inner vision and inspired action spanned film sets, meditation retreats, and boardroom negotiations. Her journey led her to the transformative wisdom of the Akasha and the Egyptian Neteru archetypes. This ignited a vision of Holographic Opportunities for Playful Empowerment H.O.P.E.



Heart-Led Leadership

Ignite Holographic Opportunities
for Playful Empowerment

Unleash Your Potential Heart-Centered Business Transformation for Visionary Leaders

The success you've built is undeniable, yet a spark within has dimmed.

You long to reignite your creative power and build a soul-aligned business.

  • Do you crave a deeper connection between your business success and the impact you wish to make?

  • Do limiting beliefs or old patterns hold you back from fully expressing your visionary ideas?

  • Are you ready to reclaim your time and energy, aligning your work with who you truly are at your core?


Having guided hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and visionary leaders through profound transformations, I offer a unique path to unlock your full potential.

Transform your path to


Holographic Visioning:

Unifying Your Path

Fuse your talents, experiences, dreams, and even past challenges into a powerful, unified vision. Unlock clarity and focus through transformative mindset practices and access the wisdom of the Visionary Akasha Records.

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The Power of Play:

Ignite Innovative Solutions


Embrace a playful approach to problem-solving, discovering joy and inspiration within challenges. Design a heart-centered business that reflects your unique perspective and ignites your creative potential.

Overcoming Obstacles:

Unleash Your Potential

Awaken your creative genius and overcome internal blocks with empowering tools. Transform challenges into opportunities, rising above obstacles with unwavering resilience.

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Entrepreneurial Empowerment:

Build a Purpose-Driven Path


Chart a course toward success with strategic thinking and actions aligned with your deepest values. Empower yourself to navigate your journey with wisdom, foresight, and a deep understanding of your purpose.

Ripple Effect: Witness Your Impact Expand

Experience a profound impact ripple outwards, fueling both success and deep personal fulfillment. Your transformation inspires positive change in the world, creating a legacy that extends far beyond yourself.

Embark on Your Transformation Journey Today

Step into Your Power


Imagine an energetic imprint of all thoughts, emotions, and experiences throughout time. Egyptian Goddess Seshat, the wisdom keeper, guides your access to this profound source of insight and healing. Channeled through Ima, this Akashic vision helps you illuminate your soul's true potential, gain clarity on your purpose, uncover hidden blocks, and chart a roadmap for your most fulfilling life and work.

 Awaken the Leader Within: A Transformative Mentorship Experience

Embody your leadership potential, manifest a business in alignment with your soul, and step into your power to create a meaningful impact. This transformative mentorship propels you forward, combining strategic business guidance, unwavering mindset support, and a unique blend of multi-disciplinary strategies and practices – including the wisdom of Egyptian Archetypes and deep energetic clearing – for transformative breakthroughs.

We'll delve into your vision through personalized coaching, harnessing potent tools and techniques tailored to your unique needs. Discover the strategies that ignite your leadership journey and transform your aspirations into tangible achievements.

This Mentorship Includes:

  • Strategic guidance for business growth

  • Unwavering mindset support

  • Deep, energetic clearing for transformative breakthroughs

  • A personalized blend of multi-disciplinary strategies and practices

Are you prepared to unleash the leader within and forge the life and business you truly desire? Take the first step towards your transformation today.


Image by Jeremy Thomas

From Conflict to Creative Power

"I came into the program with a lot of conflicts... I just didn't fit in... But then Ima and the community gave me permission to just be...This unleashed unbridled creativity... a leap in my career...transition from trying to understand the universe to making love with the universe."

—  Nathan Hirschaut

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