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Mysteries Revealed, Lives Transformed: The Power of the Akashic Records


Have you ever wondered about the hidden forces shaping your life? Join the countless individuals who've found answers and deep transformation through the Akashic Records. Explore these stories of healing, self-discovery, and awakened purpose.

boost of validation

She was spot on with my current situation in every way...and most importantly helped to give me the extra boost to validate that I am on the right path. Thank you so much- the descriptions how she brought forth the records were so beautiful it’s almost indescribable. 
- Patricia Lambert Gent

Images of temple walls Egypt

clarified mission & purpose

I had thee most incredible reading with Iman Kamel! Everything and I mean everything! makes so much sense now. - now I have confirmation and so much validation thanks to the beautiful vision described to me by Ima during my reading. I woke up feeling so grounded into my mission here with everyone. Thank you Ima. I feel tremendously blessed. If you've felt the pull to have a reading with Ima, please listen. She has so much wisdom to share during this time of shift and transmutation on our planet. Thank you for this. It truly means everything to me.
- Kimberly Hunter

A vibrant skyscape over Luxor with hot air balloons floating across it.

cosmic guidance

I just had an Akashic Record reading from/through/by Iman Kamel and there are not enough Earthly words to describe just how grateful I am. She is so brave, so pure, so light- as you can tell, I'm still in the ethers! Ima, may you be blessed as you have blessed me! I hear your music, Beloved.   If you are ready to go deep and go cosmic, she is your guide.
- Akal Sanpriti KAur

Images of temple walls Egypt

past live journeying

I had the great honor and wonder of having Ima enter the Akashic Records for me and interpret so beautifully what she experienced. She used all senses to describe ar array of past lives where she could pick up on activities, sights, sounds and more to help me better understand my soul and my journey. So grateful!
- Julie Frieswyk,

Images of temple walls Egypt

accurate reflection

I had my very first Akashic reading with Iman recently and  it was truly one of the most intimate and amazing experiences of my life. I felt so safe and comfortable in her presence and was astonished how accurate the reading felt to my current experience in life. I highly recommend Iman who is curious about the Akashic, and wants to know more. With much gratitude.
- Bonnie R.

Images of temple walls Egypt

inner strength

Iman has such a beautiful gift...It has allowed me to identify past-life trauma that needs healing, and also shown me that I have the ability to search deeper within myself to find the strength needed to serve in this life. If you are on the path of looking at your past-life experiences for more answers now, Iman is an incredibly gifted guide to lead you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Iman, for that enlightening experience.
- Jen McGruter

Images of temple walls Egypt

core magnification

I received my recording of the Akashic reading that the amazing Iman Kamel did for me a week or so ago. The reading was much more than a reading it was a glimpse of an initiation to my higher self and purpose.
-I'm not sure what will happen next but I know that the answers are there for me and will come as I am ready. I was told that "there is no high or low there is just do or do not, lock or open, do I step into the center? both pathways are correct". They were pretty annoyed when I asked about my higher purpose which in hindsight was very dense of me since the reading showed what that was very clearly..
-The revelations that came through explained a lot of why things happen in my life the way they do. The other revelation was that this life and all of my perceived illness, dramas and traumas are inconsequential. I do fear that I disappointed them and will work to be better prepared going forward.
I highly recommend doing a reading with Iman especially during these amazing celestial times to help us all to prepare for the shifts that will be coming. I know that I have a lot of work to do.
Much love and gratitude to Iman for sharing her amazing gift, insight, kindness and guidance.
- Susan Cohen

Images of temple walls Egypt

deep healing

I wanted to thank you with my whole heart for the transmission, session and healing through the Akasha.  You've inspired me and I keep receiving downloads of the scripts I need to continue writing, the music I need to sing and book need to begin writing. Last week I had a shamanic soul retrieval and my tribal woman version appeared too. Your words were so profound and exactly what my heart needed. After our call, I decided to go to the water and was able to see the bioluminescent waters in LA.  Thank you My life, soul has been forever transformed.  Thank you.
- Angela Benitez



I had an incredible Akashic reading with Iman Kamel as well!! I have had many akashic readings in my life and this reading was VERY special and unique. Iman is a true channel.  This reading has changed me  If you get a chance, please schedule a reading with her. Thank you Iman. Much Love! 
- Jenee Halstead

Close Up Ancient Egyptian temple

progress in life

I had an akashic reading with Iman on Monday. I don't do many of these as I'm on a journey of learning and allowing to see where my path takes me, but I just decided to jump on this without thought.    I have never spoken to her before Monday other than just setting up the appointment, there were no questions asked she just began.   I've started to unpack what was said and have to say I'm blown away. There are things she would NEVER have known said in our journey.  I'm telling you the Akasha is opening up to her and us. If your looking for additional information in your journey of healing or next steps to take she is someone I would speak with. . .
- Corey Foskuhl

Images of temple walls Egypt

truth amplification

Ima has the rare gift of seeing and reflecting one's being at it's most essential nature.   Through her reading of the Akashic Records, Ima has the ability to hold the mirror, like a homoeopathic remedy, reflect the pure expression of one's Self.    Her beautiful and poetic use of language, the skill of putting words to image and all the senses within the reading, faithfully conveys the truth of one's being.    This has helped me to be able to know myself better, to magnify from my inner core who I am, and I feel this perception will help me for years to come to be more fulfilled in my life, to experience myself through the Akashic lens by which Ima has reflected in her reading.    Much gratitude to you, dear Ima!
- Amy Rozen

Images of temple walls Egypt

deep transformation

I had the great honor and wonder of having Ima enter the Akashic Records for me and interpret so beautifully what she experienced. She used all senses to describe ar array of past lives where she could pick up on activities, sights, sounds and more to help me better understand my soul and my journey. So grateful!- Julie Frieswyk,

Images of temple walls Egypt

a motherly force

Iman has an other-worldly intelligence that offers a deep dimensionality to her readings. I felt as if I were being cradled and cared for by a motherly force that could, in vivid detail, see into my past, present and future all at once. Her wisdom and compassion is a rare commodity in today’s spiritual circles. I would highly recommend a reading with Iman if you are at all curious about the Akasha.
- Melissa Blyth

Images of temple walls Egypt

soul activation

I am still activating and BASKING in all the divine insight from my akashic reading with Iman Kamel on Monday. She is so gifted. It was enlightening...the way she channels energy and puts you right in the reality of her visions. She is a direct and powerful portal to the akashic am SO grateful for the depth of information she transmitted. records. I FEEL confident in ways I never would have accessed before. Clear, bold and excited. Thank you, thank you, thank you put your whole body and soul into this beautiful gift. If you have not done a reading with her yet... DO IT. It's life changing, sweet and fun.
- Dianne Sykes

Images of temple walls Egypt

clarity & magic

I gifted myself a session with Iman Kamel.  I'm still processing her beauty and the beauty we experienced. I'm so grateful Ima, everything that came through was not only confirmations for certain things, new information, but also EXACTLY what I needed to hear at this point in my journey.  The details, wow! Buzzing with the visions and unpacking the transmission. Maybe this illustration is the portal to that time space we were at! It's called Inward, page 146 If Ima's ākāśa record reading has been calling to you, it's magical and can't recommend enough. Danke schöne.
- Irene de Brice


Connection & empowerment

My body and my soul are still vibrating after an incredibly powerful and beautiful akashic session with Iman Kamel. It was like poetry, and everything that came through felt on point. I received validation for how I have felt in my life as a sensitive being, as well as my mission and where I am going, and I felt so connected to love and the divine. Iman made me feel safe and enveloped with love and empowered. I highly recommend finding time to work with this beautiful being!
- Hillary Baack

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