“Akasha is the womb of the world, the network of the world, and the memory of the world.” 


- Ervin Laszlo

The first question I am asked is, WHAT IS AKASHA, and how do you access it? To tell you the naked truth, I have no clue what the AKASHA is, I cannot define  it. It is beyond human cognition. I use a prayer designed by the renowned Akasha Records master Linda Howe. The records open. I began read them for myself and then for friends and family naturally.

Initiated Through Visionary Akasha I will tell your multi-perspective, holographic story and connect you to Your powerful life force

cosmology is driving me out of my cocoon with open arms to you who are hungry to learn, hungry to create, hungry to command this world through your own life-- I am here to guide you to your own medicine.


Your treasure map starts here.



Discover a 3D vision of your world from a limitless perspective and open your cross-sensory perceptions. Your Akashic records will deepen your connections in your relationships, business and family.


 These are my living truths: Your Akashic Record is Your treasure map. ‘XOX’ marks the spot, your destiny is waiting. 


awaken your joy 

connect to your powerful life force 

explore your potential

plumb the depth of your creativity

be the dance in your life 

activate your holographic being