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“Akasha is the womb of the world, the network of the world, and the memory of the world.” 


- Ervin Laszlo

Have you ever wondered what the Akasha is and how to access it? The truth is, it is beyond human comprehension. But I have found a way to explore its secrets. Through the prayer designed by Linda Howe, the renowned Akasha Records master, I have opened the Visionary Akasha for hundreds of clients. My path began with personal growth, then I offered it to friends and family, and have since become an expert. Join me on a journey to the depths of the Akasha and beyond and experience the expertise of the Visionary Akasha. 

The unique properties of your Visionary Akasha Sessions offer a personalized, multi-perspective storytelling experience that connects individuals to their own powerful life force. The sessions are designed to awaken joy, explore potential, deepen creativity, and activate the holographic being. 

Through accessing the Akashic Records, clients will deepen their connections in relationships, business, and family. These sessions serve as a treasure map to one's destiny, providing a 3D vision of the world from a limitless perspective and opening up cross-sensory perceptions.


Your treasure map starts here.



The goal is to guide individuals towards their own medicine and empower them to command their own lives.


: Your Visionary Akasha is Your treasure map. 


awaken your joy 

connect to your powerful life force 

explore your potential

plumb the depth of your creativity

be the dance in your life 

activate your holographic being

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