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Visionary CEO's & Entrepreneurs

Tune to Hathor's whispers...
Channel Isis' sacred guidance...
In Sekhmet's fire, forge your vision...

Claim your sovereign power.
Embody your unique destiny.

Embark on
the Alchemist Leadership Journey.
your 3-month 1:1 Mentorship

Image of Iman Kamel standing within a grand temple, surrounded by intricate details.

Imagine standing at a crossroads. Behind you, your achievements shimmer in the fading light. Yet, a restless yearning echoes within. Your soul whispers of untapped potential, a leadership destiny awaiting on a path unseen amidst the well-worn roads. What if that longing holds the key to your next evolution?

This yearning is your guide. The Alchemist Leadership Journey is here to help you decipher those whispers, transforming your life into a vibrant masterpiece of purpose and power. Here, you'll unlock the hidden brilliance of your multifaceted self and discover how to leave a legacy that echoes through time.

Unleash Your Visionary Path: An Immersive Journey of Power & Purpose


This immersive program offers a potent blend of inner work, personalized guidance, and the wisdom of the ever-present, vibrant, living Neteru – potent guides who bridge past, present, and future. Empower yourself as a leader, craft a life of purpose, and create the impact you were born to make.

Pathway 1: Primal Mud: Ignite Your Power & Disrupt Limitations 

Week 1-2: Tap into the wisdom of your Visionary Akasha and channel Sekhmet's fiery energy to uncover hidden blocks and outdated patterns holding you back. Explore your Akashic Blueprint, illuminate limiting beliefs, and engage in transformative healing practices and rituals.

Week 3-4: Ignite your inner fire through shadow work, embodiment practices, guided meditation with Sekhmet, and powerful rituals. Reclaim your power, forge a new path aligned with your soul's purpose, and break free to live a life of unstoppable impact.

Pathway 2: Seeking Light: Heal, Integrate, & Embody Wholeness


Week 5-6: Haunted by unresolved wounds and past traumas hindering your authenticity and full potential? Guided by the wisdom of Isis and Hathor, embark on a journey of deep emotional healing. Utilize modalities like inner-child work, Family Constellations, and Homeopathy to promote profound healing on multiple levels. Cultivate greater self-compassion, resolve inner conflicts, and step into a place of wholeness.

Golden line drawing of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet on a vibrant Tierra de sienna background.

Pathway 4: Radiant Blossoming: Embody Leadership & Expand Your Impact 

Week 9-10: Do you struggle with limited vision, difficulty attracting the right resources, or feel unseen and unheard? This is your unique opportunity to be guided by the wisdom of Horus, the ancient Egyptian deity of kingship and the sky. Embark on long-term visioning, cultivate essential leadership skills, and refine your strategy for growth and impact. Explore branding, storytelling, and powerful manifesting practices to embody the role of a visionary leader. Tap into the transformative power of the Egyptian Neteru through guided meditations and embody their archetypal wisdom to inspire others to follow. Become a beacon that draws in the support needed to achieve your boldest goals.

Pathway 3: Luminous Ascent: Uncover Your Genius & Craft Your Vision 

Week 7-8: Do you feel scattered, lacking a clear vision or roadmap for achieving your goals? Through the guidance of Thoth and Ptah, uncover your hidden potential, harness the wisdom of your past experiences, and tap into the depths of your skills, talents, dreams, and hobbies. Engage in creative exercises, playful exploration, reflective practices, envisioning, and dreaming to illuminate your unique genius. With strategic planning, innovative problem-solving, and sacred manifestation principles, you'll crystallize your vision and create an actionable plan aligned with your inner knowing and deepest purpose.



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Close-up view of diverse women's faces framed by golden temple walls.

Pathway 5: Sacred Seeding: Radiate Confidence & Create Your Legacy 

Week 11-12: Do fear of visibility and lingering imposter syndrome hold you back from fully stepping into your power? Guided by the radiant energy of Ra, cultivate authentic confidence and a powerful presence. You'll banish self-doubt through embodiment practices, refined communication, and energetic mastery. Implement your vision into your life and business, and attract aligned opportunities and support needed to create a lasting legacy aligned with your soul's purpose.

Unleashing Creativity and Career Growth

"I came into the program with a lot of conflicts around how to unify all my different aspects, talents, and gifts...This unleashed unbridled creativity expressed with joy and confidence, sparking a leap in my career... Ima is an unorthodox, incredibly sensitive, and courageous leader and artist who is ushering in a new potentiality of living as a human being. Her work helps one become a radically authentic force of nature. In working with her, I have flourished, not only as a leader but as a lover, healer, and a balanced and sovereign human being. I now approach leadership with clarity and confidence, leading my team with a greater sense of purpose." – Nathan Hirschaut, Entrepreneur, filmmaker, yogi, dancer

Transform Your Life: Discover a New Consciousness of Self

"This experience exceeded my expectations! The program's energy propelled me to a new consciousness of myself, and helped me overcome a longstanding fear... The teacher's guidance was invaluable, helping me reach the next level. I'm incredibly grateful for her powerful teaching, insight, and support. She's a true soul surgeon." – Rogan Michael, Banker & Co-Founder, Recovery Organization

Unleash Your Healing Potential, Experience a Quantum Leap in Transformation

"This accelerator was a quantum leap! Despite working on myself for over 25 years, I reached depths of transformation I never imagined possible. It's been one of the most life-changing experiences I've ever had. My healing capabilities have increased enormously, and my self-love grows stronger every day." – Andrea Tap, Entrepreneur, Naturopath, Healer, Author of The LIGHTFLOW book ​

Rediscover Your True Self and Experience Deep Inner Peace ​


"I'm eternally grateful for this intensely beautiful and deep process. Iman's mentorship, presence, and guidance have brought me back to my true self. I now experience a radiant sense of inner peace, and I'm finally pursuing my lifelong dream of becoming a writer. Iman's guidance empowered me to launch my own website, retreat center, and programs – a true quantum leap in my life's journey. Her fierce love, determination, and playful spirit continue to inspire me." – Esther Kalaba, Entrepreneur, Art Therapist, Writer ​

Ready to Step Off the Treadmill and Live Your Soul's Mission?

Are you tired of success that feels empty? It's time to ignite the fire within and make a meaningful impact on the world. Let's unlock your authentic potential and create a legacy you're truly proud of.

Discover Your True Purpose & Live a Life of Impact Today!
 (Limited Spots!)

Photo of Iman Kamel within the historic Dendera temple.
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