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Discover the clarity and direction you've been seeking with Visionary Akasha. As a visionary coach, I work with entrepreneurs, community leaders, and pioneers to help them uncover their purpose and unleash their full potential. By accessing the akashic records, I provide unique insights into your priorities and help you confidently move forward in life.

During a one-hour recorded session, I guide you through accessing the akashic records, allowing you to uncover your life's blueprint and purpose. In a follow-up one-to-one session, we delve deeper into your vision and explore how to apply these insights to your work and life.

Take the first step towards discovering your purpose and unlocking your potential by booking a Visionary Akasha session today. 

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An immersion with Visionary Akasha & Homeopathy

Transform your health and wellness with the powerful combination of Visionary Akasha & Homeopathy. As someone who has struggled with autoimmune illnesses, I understand the importance of exploring alternative treatments. That's why I've combined my expertise in visionary coaching with the scientific and holistic approach of homoeopathy to offer unparalleled healing.

During a one-hour recorded Visionary Akasha session, I guide you through accessing the akashic records to uncover your life's blueprint and priorities. This is followed by a two-hour homoeopathic consultation, where I incorporate inner sensations, family structures, and the trituration process into my practice for optimal healing.

This immersion is recommended for those who address deep health or psychological issues. All follow-up sessions can be done in person or via video call, so you can experience the synergy of visionary insight and homoeopathic remedies no matter where you are. Take control of your health and wellness by booking your appointment today.


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An Immersion Visionary Akasha with

Branding & Storytelling

Bring your story to life with the Immersion Visionary Akasha & Branding & Storytelling workshop. Your story is the heart of your personal or corporate brand, and I have a passion for crafting unique visions and missions through storytelling.


Using my three-fold method, I guide you to manifest your brand by tapping into the realm of Akasha and revealing your soul purpose through a Visionary Akasha session. This is followed by three laser-focused one-to-one sessions to create the core aspects of your brand.

This immersion is recommended for those looking to enhance their personal or company branding and storytelling. Further one-to-one sessions can also be arranged to craft your professional branding. Start your journey now and bring your story to life."


Unlock your full potential with Shamanic Healing & Guided Meditations. Drawing from ancient Egyptian shamanism and my global experiences, I offer personalized shamanic rituals to help clients heal physical, mental, and emotional wounds.

In these sessions, I work closely with clients to design customized rituals that incorporate elements such as crystals, oracle cards, drumming, and more. By exploring challenging issues through sound, movement, and guided meditations, we access the power of archetypes such as Sekhmet, Isis, Mary Magdalene, and more.

This offering is ideal for those looking to work creatively with their bodies and minds and enhance their imagination and psychic abilities. Experience the transformative power of shamanic healing and guided meditations. Book your session today.


Connect & Inquire

Unlock your full potential and transform your life with Iman Kamel's visionary guidance and holistic healing approach. Blend the power of Akasha with modern day practices for a new level of self-awareness and well-being.


Iman co-creates customized sessions tailored to your individual needs, empowering you to embrace your purpose, heal wounds, and bring your story to life.

Whether it's personal growth or professional enhancement you're after, Iman Kamel's diverse offerings are designed to meet your unique needs and help you achieve your goals. Connect with her today and start unlocking your highest potential.

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